How You Can Personalize A Headstone For A Loved One

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The headstone that you select for a loved one is the final way that you help represent their memory. It's what you must put a lot of thought into how the headstone should be personalized. With so many options for creating a headstone, it helps to know what your options are for creating one.

Use A Quote

One way you can help customize a headstone is by adding a quote, which is sometimes referred to as an epitaph. A quote doesn't necessarily need to be something that your loved one said, but it can be a passage from the bible, an expression, or even a statement that they lived by. Many people like to add a quote because it helps other people learn more about their loved one when walking through a cemetery.

Use Decorative Engraving

You can engrave more than just words into a headstone. Another option is to have decorative designed engraved as well. Think of it like a nice flourish mirrored at the top and bottom of the headstone to frame the information that is on it. It helps the headstone look nice instead of plain, which can make it stand out from the headstones around it.

Use Laser Engraving For Photos

Know that you also have the option to laser engrave photos on a headstone, which can even be done with your loved one's photograph. The image that is laser engraved will not fade or become damaged, but it will be a black and white photo. The headstone engraver can help take a normal photo and remove the background imagery so that it looks clean. This will help the final image not be filled with whatever else was in the background of the photograph.

Use A Photo Frame

A cheaper alternative to laser engraving is to use a sealed photo frame. This can be attached directly to the headstone, which makes it easy to customize later on if you desire. One drawback to this is that the photo inside the frame can become faded over time, especially due to exposure to the sun. This can give you an opportunity to swap in a new photograph when you visit.

These are just a few options for personalizing a headstone, which plays such a big role in your loved one's burial service. For more ideas about what you can do to make a funeral feel special, work closely with the company that is handling the funeral for you.

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