Three Ways That Scented Candles Can Be A Good Idea At A Funeral Service

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When you're thinking of ways to plan a funeral and set up the funeral home in advance of a service for a loved one, candles will often come to mind. There's something special and calming about candles in such a space, so you can work with the funeral home staff to put candles in certain areas where they'll add to the ambiance but not pose as fire hazards. When you're choosing which candles to use, there are many different choices to consider. One idea is scented candles. While you don't want to go overboard with scented candles, because some people can be sensitive, one or two in the space can serve multiple purposes, including the following.

They Make The Space Inviting

Some people are tentative about attending funerals, especially when they haven't been to many or if they are uncomfortable being in spaces with lots of emotional people. There's something inviting about scented candles. Someone may enter the funeral home feeling a little uncertain, and quickly feel better about walking into the room in which the funeral is taking place upon smelling the gentle scent of your candles.

They May Offer A Reminder

If you really want to make a special touch, consider finding the right type of scented candles for the person you're laying to rest. There are many ways to approach this idea. For example, if the person was an avid gardener who was extremely proud of his or her lilac bushes each spring, a lilac-scented candle can pay tribute to the person and feel really appropriate. Similarly, perhaps the deceased person was renowned around the county for his or her pumpkin pie or apple pie — candles that offer these scents can help funeral attendees fondly remember the person.

They Can Neutralize Other Odors

In any environment in which numerous people are present, a variety of odors can also linger. Some people douse themselves in cologne or perfume before getting dressed for formal events such as funerals, while those who have joked smoked cigarettes in the parking lot before entering may carry the unpleasant smell of smoke. In a crowded room, especially on a hot day, some people may be sweating in their formal apparel and may smell as such. Another nice thing about using scented candles is that they can neutralize the other odors that may be present in the room, thus making the environment smell better for your family and all of those in attendance.