3 Cremation Facts You Need To Know

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Whether you are prearranging your own final departure or you are in the process of planning for your loved one after they have passed away, understanding the different funeral options is important. From a traditional funeral and burial to a simple memorial service after cremation, there are many possibilities to consider. Cremation is becoming more and more common due to its affordable nature. However, some people believe there is a negative connotation to cremation due to the burning process. With this guide, you will learn a few interesting facts about cremation, which may help you decide if it is the right option for you or your family member after passing.

It's Eco-Friendly

There is a misconception that cremation pollutes the air, decreasing air quality and affecting both the environment and people's health and wellness. Fortunately, this is a myth that can deter many people from choosing cremation.

With a traditional burial, the body is embalmed with toxic chemicals for preservation before placed into a coffin and then lowered into a concrete vault in the cemetery. The combination of toxic chemicals, the coffin materials, and the actual vault impacts the environment more harshly than a cremation, which turns the body into biodegradable ash.

Today, more and more crematoriums and funeral homes are offering "green cremations" and "water cremations," which have even less of an impact to the environment.

It's The Most Affordable Option

Most people considering cremation are doing so because it is an affordable option, but you may not realize how much more affordable it is compared to a traditional burial.

For a traditional burial, you will need to pay for embalming, a memorial service of sorts, a coffin, and a vault in most cases. All in all, the average cost of a traditional burial and funeral is $7,700. While surprising to learn, a cremation will cost one third or less of the average burial and funeral.

The financial savings does not mean you love or respect the deceased any less, especially since your loved one will most likely want you to save money on these final expenses.

It's Versatile

Another interesting thing to know about cremation is that it is a versatile option.

When planning your loved one's final departure, an affordable cremation allows you to customize the service and other elements to suit your loved one's personality.

For example, you have the option of having a memorial service before or after the cremation. Also, you can plan the memorial for after the cremation, allowing you, family members, and friends to gather while spreading the ashes of your loved one. Spread the ashes of your loved one in a location that was important. If your loved one loved the beach, the ashes can be spread in the ocean or along the coast.

Cremating your loved one also allows to keep their remains close. The ashes can be stored in a decorative urn, giving you the option of bringing your loved one home or keeping the remains with the family if you choose to move. For more information, contact eestablishments like Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn.