Perfect Keepsake Ideas

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When a loved one dies, often the family wants to keep their memory alive in their hearts forever. Memorials are an ideal way to accomplish this. Here is a brief look at the different options available to memorialize your loved one.

Cremation Jewelry

Rather than simply hide the ashes away in a covered and sealed urn, consider having jewelry pieces made for close family members and friends. Ashes from a human body that has been cremated are plentiful enough that several pieces can be fashioned.

In addition to pendants and lockets, other types of jewelry are available as well. Because the ash is largely carbon, technology is now able to turn the cremated remains into real diamonds! They can be clear, or they may be blue like a sapphire, red like a ruby, green like an emerald, or yellow like a citrine or topaz, but they will all be diamonds, with the same hardness and clarity as mined diamonds.

Memorial Gardens

If jewelry isn't your thing or you aren't having your loved one cremated, a memorial garden may be just the thing to remember your loved one by. This is especially true if they loved the outdoors or enjoyed gardening.

Whether you choose to create a public memorial garden or a private oasis in your backyard, a memorial bench is a great start. Concrete, stone, wood, or metal benches can be engraved or fitted with an engraved plate, listing the name of the person, the dates of their time on Earth, and any other pertinent information you care to remember and share, such as a favorite quote or an accomplishment.

In addition to memorial benches, memorial plant stakes are perfect for denoting various plants in the garden. For example, if the person loved rose gardening, you can get a personalized garden memorial stake for each different type of rose bush. Personalized garden path stones are another excellent memorial garden option. Windchimes, religious statues, boulders, birdbaths, and crosses are all other options for creating a lovely, living memorial garden.

Decorative Memorial Gifts

Memorial picture frames and memory boxes are an excellent way to preserve photographs and other mementos and souvenirs. Keepsake boxes, such as those you would keep small trinkets, jewelry, or a watch in, are another ideal memorial gift. Music boxes, with a favorite melody that reminds you or a loved one, is another great keepsake gift, especially for children.

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