Considering Cremation? Things You Need To Know

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While it is not something anyone relishes doing, it is a good idea to make arrangements for what you want done after you have passed away. This will be a help to your loved ones when they are grieving. They may not be able to think straight or deal with the situation. Having made the plans ahead of time, you will take a big stress away from them, allowing them to go through the grieving process, so they can move on with their lives. If cremation is something you are considering, here are a few things you should know and discuss with your family.

Funeral or Memorial Service

Decide what will be best for your family. They may wish to have a funeral and viewing before the cremation. This gives everyone a last chance to see you and say their goodbyes. You may rent a casket for the viewing to save the expense of buying one. Some people prefer to have a memorial service after the cremation, with your cremated remains present in an urn to honor your life. This is often called a direct cremation. You can have the service at your home, a restaurant, or a place that is special to you and your family.

What to Do with the Remains

You and your family should discuss what should be done with your remains. Loved ones may want to have a share of them. You can purchase small urns or special boxes for each person. It is also possible to have the ashes turned into gems. Each family member could have a piece of jewelry to remember you by. If you want, have the ashes turned into fireworks and shoot them off into space. It is also possible to have your ashes spread over a special area or buried in a cemetery. Regardless of what is done with the cremated remains, you should decide whether you want to have a gravestone placed where loved ones can visit.

Cremation will be less expensive than having a casket and full burial. This will save your family money at a time when they may be worried about finances without your income. However, to be fair to your family, they should be involved in the final decision. Figure out a few options you are comfortable with and present them to your loved ones. Though it may be a difficult conversation, no one will be surprised when the time comes to deal with your death.

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