Don't Be Afraid To Make These Changes After You've Pre-Planned Your Funeral

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There are many advantages to pre-planning your funeral, but you should never feel as though your wishes are set in stone if you want to change them. When you go through the pre-planning process, the funeral home of your choice will have a copy of your wishes on record. If things change in the months or years after you create this document, though, you simply need to return to the funeral home and refine your wishes. Funeral directors understand that situations change for their clients, and want you to be happy with the final arrangements, even if it takes a few changes to get there. Here are some changes that you shouldn't be afraid about making.

Religious Vs. Non-Religious Service

Some people who aren't religious may plan to have a non-religious service at the funeral home. However, as they age, they may begin to feel more religious, and may even start attending a local church. If you've had this change in your life, a non-religious service will no longer suit your needs. Talk to your funeral director about what religious elements you now want included in your funeral, including which religious official will lead the ceremony.

Personnel Changes

When you originally go through the funeral pre-planning process, you'll select the key personnel who will play roles in your funeral service. This list will include the person who will lead the ceremony, the person who will give the eulogy, any other individuals who will speak, who will serve as your pallbearers, and who may perform any other duties related to the event. Things may change after you write this document — for example, one person who you've asked to serve as a pallbearer may actually pass away. You'll need to select a new pallbearer in this scenario, as well as make any other personnel changes that are needed.

Burial Vs. Cremation

There's also no harm in changing your wishes for what happens to your body after death. Whether you previously wanted to be buried and now you're leaning toward cremation, or things are the other way around, you simply need to make your funeral director aware of this change. He or she can then guide you through any decisions that relate to this change. For example, if you're now wanting to be buried, you'll need to decide what style of casket you want, whether to have an open or a closed casket, and any other similar details.

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