Sweet Ways To Express Grief As Love At A Funeral

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Grief is the complex mental anguish that happens after a deep loss, and it can be especially acute after the death of a loved one. On the other side of grief, though, is all the joy and love that the person brought to your life. Grief only occurs when one has loved deeply, so it can be helpful to hold onto that love even as you allow yourself to grieve. Here are four ways that you can express grief as love at the funeral for your lost loved one.

Try This! Share What Made the Person So Great

You probably loved many things about the person who passed away. Start considering exactly what made you truly love the person a couple of days before you go to the funeral. Make a list of all the things that made the person so special. When you are through with the list, keep it with you and add to it over a day or so. You may discover more reasons as you focus on the wonderful things the person said, did, or otherwise contribute to your life.

When you speak about your loved one at the funeral, be sure to reference that list. You may look at it just before speaking or even while you speak of them. By talking about what you loved about the person, you encourage others to do the same. That helps focus the grief of mourners on love, and it can help soothe he pain during a funeral.

Try This! Enjoy Something Your Loved One Enjoyed

The notion of enjoying an experience for someone who deeply enjoyed it can be quite comforting. For example, if your loved one's favorite color was green, you may encourage people to wear green to the funeral. If your loved one's favorite food was vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, you may choose to serve it to all those who attend the post-funeral gathering.

By encouraging everyone to savor the experience for the deceased person, you are showing your love and care, and you're encouraging others to spread their love for the person, too. The funeral service can be a time of intense emotions, and revealing your love can bring a lot of light to the somber occasion.

Finally, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all way to express grief. It is as unique as your love for the person is. Try to express your feelings at the funeral and in the weeks and months to come. When you let your sorrow in, you can also let it go to allow for a concentration on the feelings of love you still have for the person who passed away, and that can be the best way to remember them and honor their memory.