4 Ways To Get Memorial Service Inspirations From Museums

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Going to a museum is often like looking into the past and celebrating all types of life. This includes historical figures, artists, and even animals that have gone extinct. The quiet and peaceful setting of a museum can draw a lot of inspiration when you are planning a memorial service for someone. There are a lot of similarities, and by getting ideas from a museum, you have the ability to create a memorial service that truly honors the life of your loved one. By working with a funeral home and coordinating ideas, you can create a respectful ceremony that is filled with highlights and incredible dedications to the life of a loved one.

Hallway Galleries

Before people enter the funeral home, there is typically a small hallway section that features items like a guest book and prayer cards. This section can also be used to create a small gallery of images. Images and collages are great ways to showcase the life of a loved one. You can set it up in a variety of ways, including the order of the person's life. For example, you can start out with baby pictures and then gradually go into the person's older age. You can also separate the pictures into different sections much like a museum. One section could focus on the person's life playing sports and another could focus on their family life at home. Separating the different sections gives you a direct snapshot of how they've lived their lives.

Audio Narration

Museums often use audio guides to explain exhibits and give more insight on various displays. You can use this same process to detail facts, stories, and other information about your loved one. Using an MP3 player and docking station, a funeral home can help you set up an informational display that explains various parts of a person's life. This is a great way to talk about where they were born, where they grew up, and to add a little more details about their personal life. For example, you may have an image of a loved one climbing a mountain. The audio narration can talk about the trip, the mountain location, and how it was something on a bucket list for the loved one. If the person had any tattoos, then you can showcase pictures and use audio narration to talk about the meaning of various tattoos and when the person was inked with them. All of these small details can really add to the memorial service and create a lot of content.

Interactive Displays

A lot of updated museums feature interactive displays where guests can scroll through and learn more information. You can create a similar type of display using something as simple as a tablet. A tablet provides you with the ability to showcase image galleries that guests can scroll through and swipe on. This allows you to use hundreds or more images than you could if you were just printing them. You can also mix in video clips with the images for a more dynamic display. Many slideshow apps will also allow you to mix in music with clips, creating a dynamic interactive display for guests to look at as they arrive.

Props & Memorabilia

A dedication to your loved one doesn't always have to be just images. Funeral homes will often have tables or display cases that can be used for a variety of props. This allows you to get in touch with a deeper personal side of a loved one. For example, you may display the person's favorite t-shirt or hat. If they had a dedicated hobby like knitting, you could also choose to display some of the pieces that they have knitted. Setting up a display is a great way to honor a loved one and allow everyone to truly know the person and the life that they led.

Funeral homes, like Foster-Warne Funeral Home, can help you with all of the planning. This can make a huge difference in create a great memorial service.