Important Things That You May Not Know About Cremation

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If a family member passes away and hasn't left behind any wishes other than a desire to be cremated, you might find yourself a little intimidated by this process if you haven't previously been exposed to it. The good news is that the funeral director of your local funeral home can be a valuable resource for answering any questions and addressing any concerns that you may have about cremation services. You may find that this discussion with the funeral director calms any concerns you may have about your uncertainty regarding cremation. In advance of this meeting, here are some important things you may not know.

Family Members Can Attend The Cremation

There's no need to feel upset about the thought of your loved one going to the crematorium and being cremated alone. Just like it's important to be at the gravesite when a loved one is buried, family members can typically attend the cremation itself. This isn't an open event similar to a funeral service, but if you speak to the funeral director, he or she can arrange to have members of the immediate family witness the cremation. This can provide a sense of closure for you.

You Don't Have To Keep The Remains

When many people think about cremated remains, they think of an urn of ashes sitting on the mantle. While many people find comfort in keeping their deceased loved one's remains close, others might find this idea unsettling. If you find yourself in the latter category, it's important to know that there are many options for you. You likely already know that remains can be scattered in a special area, but you can also have the urn buried in a cemetery or placed in a wall vault at the cemetery. In either case, the remains will be protected in a special place that you can visit to pay your respects in the future.

You Can Still Organize A Regular Funeral Service

Although many people who opt for cremation wish to have a memorial service or another type of gathering sometime after their death, you can still arrange a traditional funeral service if your loved one is cremated. Instead of the standard viewing in which people pay their respects at your loved one's casket, you can display the urn with the remains for the same purpose. The viewings and the funeral service can be held at your local funeral home and can take a similar form to a traditional funeral that features the person in an open or closed casket.